Collection and utilization of LFG at MSW landfills in Ukraine

Objective: construction and testing of demonstration LFG collection and utilization systems

Heating of the production building by infrared heaters on LFG at MSW landfill of Khmel’nyts’kyi city


Place of implementation: MSW landfill of Khmel’nyts’kyi city, Ukraine

Financing: Environmental Protection Agency, United States of America (US EPA); Methane to Markets Partnership (M2M)

Execution period: 2009.

Main parameters of demonstration project

Number of wells:


Average LFG flow rate:

40-60 m3/h

Average CH4 content in LFG:


Utilization of LFG:

4 infrared heaters BH30 UT with total capacity of 120kW, combustion in a flaring stack