The non-governmental organization “Renewable Energy Agency” (REA) was founded in 2003. NGO “REA” is a voluntary public organization created based on a community of interests and mutual realization of its rights. REA contributes to sustainable, environmentally friendly use of renewable energy sources and implementation of energy-saving technologies; social-economic and scientific development by means of practical implementation of tasks and performance of activities specified in its statute. The Organisation is non-profit, non-governmental and non-party.

Main goal of REA is a contribution to the sustainable development and improvement of the environment by means of the introduction of renewable energy and energy-saving technologies.

Main areas and types of REA’s activity include:

  • Raising awareness and disseminating information on renewable energy through dialogue and information exchange at various levels, including decision-makers, scientists, and the public.
  • Performance of complex studies in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change.
  • Rendering of independent expert conclusions on various aspects of municipal and regional development, performance of ecologic and energy consulting, and carrying out of energy audits of enterprises.
  • Preparation and holding of thematic conferences, seminars, lectures, meetings, etc.
  • Participation in the environmental monitoring of the sources of environmental pollution.
  • Development of techno-economic assessments and design documentation for the execution of projects and programs in the renewable energy sector.
  • Participation in the implementation of municipal, regional and state programs in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change.

Activity reports

Report on the activities of the NGO “REA” in 2019 (in Ukrainian)

Report on the activities of the NGO “REA” in 2020 (in Ukrainian)