What is distance learning?

Distance learning with INFORSE is a form of education designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the training needs and requirements of both you, as an individual, and the organization you represent.

Flexibility of place — means that study is not confined to any particular location. You can study anywhere in the world because you are not required to meet your tutors face-to-face.

Flexibility of time— enables you to study at the most convenient times of the day or week, so you can remain in your job and study part-time.

Flexibility of pace — allows you to control the rate at which you study, and to concentrate on particular areas of interest.

What does distance learning with INFORSE involve?

When you begin a distance learning course with INFORSE, you will become part of a group. You will work with your tutor and fellow students.

Study – When you enroll for distance learning, we will send you a complete study pack. This includes a study materials (5 modules) and examination tests.

Exam tests – As you work through the course, you will be required to answer to approximately 20 questions related to each module. These questions are based on the material you have studied. The maximum time available for the completion of the DIERET course is set for three moths (does not include delays in communication).

DIERET Certificate

What else can you get from DIERET? Except of knowledge, what is the primary goal of the project, all successful students will receive INFORSE Certificate.Despite the fact that INFORSE is not recognized as the educational institution yet, we hope that even this document can help you in some way in the future. Entry requirements

INFORSE`s DIERET course require you to be fluent in written English. We also recommend that you have reached a University-entrance level of education in a technology-related discipline.

If you do not possess the above qualifications, however, you may still be eligible if you can demonstrate that you have the necessary academic skills and practical experience to satisfactorily complete our course.

Technical requirements

Minimum technical requirements to participate in INFORSE’s distance learning course include:

Access to a personal computer, preferably running Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me or NT.

  • at least 90 MHz processor and 32 MB of RAM
  • basic computer skills
  • access to the internet
  • an e-mail program and account
  • a WWW browser.

Study materials

DIERET study materials consists of five modules:

  • Module 1: Why do we need renewables? (20 pages)
  • Module 2: Solarenergy (60 pages)
  • Module 3: Biomass (62 pages)
  • Module 4: Wind energy (21 pages)
  • Module 5: Hydro power (24 pages)

Text in each module includes stuff with introduction, history, technology, potentials, applications, guidelines, environmental effects etc.

Course is available online: http://www.inforse.org/europe/dieret/dieret.html

Translation in Russian is available via link: https://rea.org.ua/dieret/dieret-course