Since 2016, Ukraine is starting the public discussions and development of the strategic documents with the scenarios of energy transition towards 100% renewable energy till 2050. To follow this process as one of the elements of the transition Ukrainian cities are planning sustainable energy development according to the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs).

The critical review of the SECAPs with respect to following of the general renewable energy transition trend, adequate estimation of financial possibilities and budget of the city to achieve respective targets, variety of different measures and their prioritization, identification of possible drawbacks is the crucial part of the energy transition process.

Current report is aimed on the detailed critical review of SEAP for Korosten city, overview of general process of the SECAP development in Ukraine and analysis of targets for other chosen list of the cities with own SECAPs and their comparison with Korosten SECAP. The outcome of such analysis is identification of targets in Korosten SECAP, the adequacy of their level and methodological issues, identification of the drawbacks and ways to eliminate them in the updated versions of SECAP. This process serves for the municipality as the independent view of consultant which may be used as substantiation of the future efforts for SECAP upgrade and development of SECAP till 2030 and 2050.

Download Analysis of SEAP of Korosten till 2020