Employees of REA Olha Haidai and Slava Antonenko participated in the scientific conference “European and domestic practice of energy saving projects in residential and public buildings, utilities for heat and water supply”, held under the Days of sustainable energy in Kherson. Sustainable energy days was held by Kherson city Council  with the support of USAID-MER and the Association of energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine.

The results of the project “Promotion of Natural Gas Substitution with Biomass in Heat Energy Production” presented during the visit. USAID-MER project was presented in two reports:

1. Evaluation of the biomass energy potential in the Kherson region. Speaker: Olha Haidai.

2. Feasibility study on biomass boiler construction in the Naddniprianske town of Kherson City Council. Speaker: Slava Antonenko.