Renewable Energy Agency (Ukraine) in a partnership with COWI A/S (Danmark) has started the implementation of the new project “Support legislative, regulatory framework for bioenergy value chains- Policy Dialogue”. This project is developing in a framework of the new EBRD Programme “Ukraine: Sustainable Bioenergy Value Chain Innovation”.

The EBRD is actively promoting investments and policies focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate technology transfer across all countries of operations. This activity is a result of the Bank’s Green Economy Transition approach (GET). As part of the GET strategy, the EBRD is launching “Sustainable Bioenergy Value Chain Innovation” Programme in Ukraine. The Programme will promote investments in innovative bioenergy technologies and practices associated with the use of agricultural residues and waste by enabling and developing sustainable bioenergy value chains leading to significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions and in support of Ukraine’s target to increase the renewable share in energy mix of the country.

The first Programme component is a Policy Dialogue that will be implemented by the REA and COWI experts’ through:

  • Developing an action plan for bioenergy capacity to reach targets set in the National Energy Strategy of Ukraine.
  • Developing incentives for bioenergy technology transfer and bioenergy value chain development.
  • Developing biomass certification schemes to enable biomass exchange operation.

Policy Dialogue launched by the EBRD with the overall objective of facilitating the institutional, policy and regulatory dialogue in Ukraine as a support to the government in designing an effective policy framework for the bioenergy sector in Ukraine. This will also help in preparing the ground for potential EBRD investments in bioenergy and along the related value chain in Ukraine’s private sector.

Contact person in Ukraine: Georgii Geletukha,