Period: 2009 – 2010

Project description: REA is proposing to investigate resource assessment for livestock and agro-industrial wastes in Ukraine. On this basis total GHG emission reduction potential due to implementation AD-technologies for treating different kinds of organic wastes will be shown. Also potential for fossil fuels replacement with biogas would be generated from organic wastes will be calculated. Within the project the most appropriate Ukraine companies and industry organizations operating in the dairy, swine and agro-industrial sectors that would be good candidates for digester project development in the future will be determined. As well the most applicable AD-technologies for different kind of entities where organic wastes are generated will be investigated with regard to Ukrainian conditions.

Financing: Environmental Protection Agency, United States of America (US EPA); Methane to Markets Partnership (M2M)

Project Benefits to the Public

The results of the project could be further used for development of biogas projects in agriculture and replicated across the country, involving the following positive effects:

  • Reduction of GHG emission to atmosphere;
  • Reduction in ground water pollution;
  • Reduction of offensive odors, affecting public health and socio-economic status of the surrounding communities;
  • Improved agriculture enterprise operational procedures;
  • Trained local staff in operation and maintenance of a biogas plant;
  • Increased access to the alternative energy both on the local and national level;
  • Transfer of clean gas recovery technologies, building of local know-how about the AD-technology.