Period: 2011 – 2013

The project is aimed at contributing to the achievement of goals of Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Program of US EPA through further extension of the works previously done in Ukraine under this initiative.

The primary goals of the project are:
– Fostering implementation of LFG collection and recovery projects at existing landfills;
– Minimizing climate relevant landfill methane emissions by promoting an integrated waste management system that includes increasing production of bio-energy from organic based waste.

Financing: Environmental Protection Agency, United States of America (US EPA); Global Methane Initiative Program.

Project Benefits to the Public

The following positive environmental and economic outcomes are expected to be achieved by
fulfilling the Project:

  • Increasing public awareness about the performance of operating LFG projects, including
    their successes and hurdles;
  • Improving reliability of gas estimates;
  • Providing lower-cost method for assessment of gas production at landfill sites;
  • Increasing confidence in LFG project financing through and attraction of potential
  • Fostering development of renewable energy sources.