ASET Project – Advocate for Sustainable Energy Transition in Armenia - Belarus - Macedonia - Serbia - Ukraine

The 1-year project "Strengthening Civil Society to Advocate for Sustainable Energy Transition" in short ASET Project has started at the end of August 2016 and finishes in October 2017.

The Project is an NGO Cooperation across the INFORSE-Europe network in 5 Eastern European countries: Armenia, Belarus, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and Denmark.

The overall development objective of the Project is the transition of the 5 project countries, and ultimately the region to sustainable energy in a way that eliminates energy poverty and reduces poverty in general via creation of local jobs in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The Project will facilitate to develop and promote sustainable energy strategies that are supported by a group of civil society organizations and that are influencing the official energy strategies or plans. This influence is either local or national, depending on the country.

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Publishing Ukrainian magazine “Green energy”

Period: 2004-2009

Name of client: Ecoinform publishing house

Project summary: Development of Ukrainian magazine “Green energy”

Name of Project Director//Lead Expert: Andrey Konechenkov, Deputy Head of the Board

Feasibility study – LFG utilization Rivne MSW Landfill, Ukraine

Objective: to perform an assessment of the Landfill site and amount of LFG available and the options for the LFG utilization at Rivne MSW Landfill


Collection and utilization of LFG at MSW landfills in Ukraine

Objective: construction and testing of demonstration LFG collection and utilization systems

Heating of the production building by infrared heaters on LFG at MSW landfill of Khmel’nyts’kyi city


Creation of the Central Kazakhstan Education BioGas Center (BGEC) “Azure Flame”

Execution period: 2004-2005

Project summary: Creation and work of the "Azur Flame" Center, is a way for capacity building and reinforcement of local communities and NGOs for development of co-operation with local authorities through promotion of biogas technology and other renewable energy sources. In 2004-2005, the "Azur Flame" Center is being established aiming to be a center for education in and promotion of biogas and other renewable energy use in Central Kazakhstan. The center is placed in Karaganda, Central Kasakhstan, and is hosted by Karaganda Regional Ecological Museum.


Assessment of potential and modelling of gas generation at MSW landfills in Ukraine

Objective: quantitive assessment of biogas collection at MSW landfills

Activities: short-term and long term pump tests


“Vision 2050” for estimation of prospects for sustainable development of energy sector


Financing: INFORSE (informational network of sustainable energy)

Project summary:

  • Estimation of possibility to replace nuclear and fossil fuel (totally or partly depending on a region) by renewable energy sources (RES);
  • Assessment of prospects for sustainable development of energy sector in Ukraine;
  • Analyze of Ukraine’s legislation on energy conservation and renewable energy.


Distance Internet course “Technologies for utilization of renewable energy sources

Period: 2005

Financing: INFORSE (informational network of sustainable energy)

Project summary: Organization and realization distance Internet course “Technologies for utilization of renewable energy sources”.

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