Feasibility study – LFG utilization Rivne MSW Landfill, Ukraine

Objective: to perform an assessment of the Landfill site and amount of LFG available and the options for the LFG utilization at Rivne MSW Landfill


Activities: evaluation of the LFG quality and availability through a pump test; evaluation of the technical and economical options for the implementing of full-scale system of LFG recovery and utilization; evaluation of the available LFG utilization options, including flaring, electricity generation and direct use.

Place of implementation: Rivne MSW Landfill, Ukraine

Execution period: 2009-2010

Project financing: Environmental Protection Agency, United States of America (US EPA); Methane to Markets Partnership (M2M)

Main project parameters

Number of wells:

3 wells and 6 probes

Average LFG flow rate:

27.8 m3/hour

Average CH4 content in LFG:

38.8 %

Expected GHG emission reductions:

2.5-2.6 th. t СО2-eq

Total project cost:

$3 522377 flaring option

$4 463306 CHP option

Utilization of LFG:


Combined heat and power generation