Creation of the Central Kazakhstan Education BioGas Center (BGEC) “Azure Flame”

Execution period: 2004-2005

Project summary: Creation and work of the "Azur Flame" Center, is a way for capacity building and reinforcement of local communities and NGOs for development of co-operation with local authorities through promotion of biogas technology and other renewable energy sources. In 2004-2005, the "Azur Flame" Center is being established aiming to be a center for education in and promotion of biogas and other renewable energy use in Central Kazakhstan. The center is placed in Karaganda, Central Kasakhstan, and is hosted by Karaganda Regional Ecological Museum.


Project aim: to introduce and to disseminate biogas technologies in Central Kazakhstan, and to improve the economical, environmental and social situation in rural communities.

Financing: TACIS

The project is implemented in a partnership of INFORSE members:

  • ECO-Museum (Kazakhstan),
  • Renewable Energy Agency (Ukraine),
  • INFORSE-Europe (Denmark, the Project Coordinator),
  • and the Bioenergy Department of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

Project activities: educational training, consulting, and designing services related with biogas technologies. In addition to these, the center is advocating for national and local policies to encourage rural groups, families and entrepreneurs to use of renewable and repaying sources of energy. During the project, several material will be developed e.g. training material, educational video, posters, a self building manual, database, and feasibility studies for future farm biogas plants.

Project background: The Ecomuseum implemented a biogas project in between 2000-2003, which was financed by the Small Grant Program of the GEF, UNDP and HIVOS Foundation. The project financed building of a few digesters (8, 36, 40, 67, and 162 m3). The "Azur Flame" project, establishing a Biogas Training Center, is building on the experiences of this previous project. The "Azur Flame" project includes more training of own specialist, involving more foreign experience, organising several seminars to further increasing the knowledge of the farmers and the officials, developing means and facilities to be able to make trainings and optimisation of the biogas plants to the Kazak climate.

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