Renewable Energy Agency has started the project “Civil Society for Sustainable Energy – Local to National in Eastern Europe (SELNEE)”, 2020-2021. The SELNEE Project has started in May 2020 and is an NGO Cooperation of Denmark, Ukraine and Belarus across the INFORSE-Europe network.

The objective of the SELNEE Project is to strengthen civil society organisations promoting climate action and transition to sustainable energy in Eastern Europe in general and in particular in Ukraine and Belarus.

The project shall directly contribute to the following SDGs: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in sustainable ways (SDG13), Increase renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as providing people that lack it today with affordable energy (SDG7), Increase jobs in green solutions (SDG8), partnership between CSOs, local CBO’s, municipalities, and other stakeholders (SDG17). This will in turn contribute to other SDG’s such as poverty reduction (SDG1) with more affordable energy + job creation.

The SELNEE project activities work for:

  • Increased national actions for sustainable energy in Belarus and Ukraine with proposals and advocacy for them, as well as with information and exchanges with CSOs.
  • More ambitious municipal transition to renewable energy with tools to improve municipal Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs), with proposals for municipal energy management systems, as well as with promotion of citizens involvement.
  • Increased CSO & citizens involvement in sustainable energy transition with promotion and fundraising of citizens’ energy advisors, with promotion of simple and affordable energy solutions that citizens can do, and with CSO seminar and networking.

Results of the SELNEE project:

Partners of the Project:

INFORSE-Europe, International Network for Sustainable Energy, Denmark
att. Gunnar B. Olesen, Judit Szoleczky
Е: ove [at]

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (NFRE), Denmark
att. Jane Kruse, Tonny Brink
E: info [at]

Renewable Energy Agency (REA)
att. Oleksandra Tryboi
E: info [at]

Centre of Environmental Solutions (CES), Belarus
att. Dmitry Burenkin
E: info [at]

The project is financially supported by the Civil Society Fund of CISU – Civil Society in Development, Denmark.