Renewable Energy Agency

Renewable Energy Agency (REA) is NGO that was established in January, 2003. Legal status of the organization is non-profit Public Organization. The date of its official registration is May 27, 2003.

REA’s primary activities include:

  • Promotion of environmental protection by means of implementation of renewable energy technologies (using wind, solar, biomass energy, etc.) and energy savings;
  • Dissemination of knowledge to the public on energy resources conservation;
  • Promotion of creation and implementation of ecologically clean and safe technologies for both renewable energy utilization and energy saving technologies;
  • Conduction of renewable energy resources (RES) assessments, prefeasibility and feasibility studies to demonstrate economical, environmental, social benefits of RES utilization for public and commercial needs.
  • Consolidation efforts of the public, politicians, state structure agents, scientists, businessmen, etc.

Renewable Energy Agency involved the most experienced Ukrainian expert in RES and energy efficiency for its activity. REA’s principal clients and partners are Ukrainian and international public and private enterprises focusing on implementation of REs and energy efficiency projects, manufacturers of equipment, consultants, national and international NGOs, energy agencies, funds and programs.

The following are project highlights that REA has worked on over the past five years:

  • Study of the potential of anaerobic digestion technologies implementation in agriculture of Ukraine, US EPA Assistance Award
  • Landfill Gas Feasibility Study and Collection System and Flare Installation at The Rivne Landfill, US EPA Assistance Award
  • Infrared Heater Installation – Landfill Gas in Ukraine, U.S. EPA Assistance Award.
  • TACIS project IBPP 062-528 “Initial Ignition of Sustainability - creation of the Central Kazakhstan Education BioGas Centre (BGEC) “Azure Flame”.
  • Project “Vision 2050” with International organization INFORSE (informational net of sustainable energy. The scenarios of energy sector development in different countries of Europe “Vision 2050” were developed for estimation of ability of transfer to sustainable development in energy sector.
  • Distance Internet course “Technologies for utilization of renewable energy sources” in co-operation with INFORSE and with the editors of magazine “Green Energy” was organized and realized.